Pre-Meeting Dinner Symposium

Saturday, October 17, 2009: 5:30 PM
Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

* Candidate for the Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Competition

5:30 PM
Margaret Holmes-Rovner, PhD, Center for Ethics, E. Lansing, MI, David E. Kanouse, PhD, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, Dorothy Jeffress, MBA., MSW., MA, The Center for Advancing Health, Washington, DC and Richard Wexler, MD, The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making, Boston, MA
Will decision aids have a vital role in health care reform? Patient decision support tools are well-validated and effective, but under used. The symposium will address this problem by examining the keys to success of decision support tools used in the US outside of health care. Investigators will present results of an in-depth investigation of four successful tools used to present evidence and promote informed choices by consumers. Consumer Reports’ annual car buying guide, the FDA Nutrition Facts Panel, eBay, and US News’s America’s Best Colleges all provide decision support, some mandated by government, some entrepreneurial. Representatives from health care patient decision support producers will comment. The symposium will present key variables for success, and debate the implications for consumer and patient decision involvement in health care decisions.
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