Sunday, October 24, 2010: 2:00 PM
Elgin Room (Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel)
Course Type: Half Day
Course Level: Beginner
Course Limit: 20

Format Requirements: Participants are expected to come with a laptop and a presentation which they would like to improve and practice, for example one they intend presenting at the meeting. After an introduction with tips and tricks about preparation and slides, participants will have the opportunity to revise and improve their own presentation with feedback and help from the lecturers and co-participants. Subsequently, after a brief discussion on speaking skills and delivery, 2 to 4 participants will have the opportunity to practice their presentation, each followed by feedback from the co-participants and lecturers about what worked well and what could be done more effectively. We will also discuss how to deal with nervous energy that interferes with presenting. Finally, we will discuss how to address questions.

Background: Presentation skills are essential in communicating your work. Really good work frequently goes unnoticed because a scientist does not know how to present it. Sometimes it is the slides that don't work, sometimes it is hard to hear what the speaker is saying, sometimes it is fear of public speaking that interferes. Presenting well can be learned: it is a skill. In this interactive how-to hands-on workshop we will review preparing your presentation, speaking skills while delivering your message, how to deal with nervousness, and how to answer questions.

Description and Objectives:

  • Learn to prepare your presentation:
    Who is the audience? what can you give them that is of value? How do you make effective slides? Timing your talk. When to include animation, anecdotes, and jokes.
  • Learn how to deliver your presentation:
    Speaking skills, dealing with nervous energy, engaging your audience, body language
  • Listen to the questions and learn from them:
    how to get the most out of the question and answer period.
Course Director:
M.G. Myriam Hunink, MD, PhD
Course Faculty:
Tessa S.S. Genders, MSc