Saturday, October 19, 2013: 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Key Ballroom 1 (Hilton Baltimore)

This workshop is being offered and conducted by Archimedes.

Registration for this workshop is separate from the SMDM Annual Meeting registration.  Further information on registration will be available shortly.

Course Type: Half Day
Course Level: 

Background: Optimal decision-making in healthcare requires the ability to make accurate forecasts of the consequences of various clinical or policy options. Whether you are assessing the impact of an intervention, designing original research, or preparing a grant proposal, simulation tools can help provide researchers a quick and easy way to gain valuable insight on health and economic outcomes.

The Archimedes Model is a comprehensive, carefully validated mathematical model of health and healthcare. Built with data and meta-analyses from hundreds of datasets, published clinical trials, observational studies, and retrospective studies, the Model simulates populations, diseases, and interventions to create data that can be used to answer real-world problems. Powered by the Archimedes Model, ARCHeS is a suite of online healthcare simulation and analytics tools designed to provide answers to questions about the health outcomes and economic effects of different interventions in specific populations and healthcare settings. Users can easily set up and run twenty year trial simulations to answer “what-if” questions related to various cardio-metabolic risks (type 2 diabetes, obesity, smoking cessation, dyslipidemia, hypertension, CHF), COPD, and renal disease.

Format: This is a four hour workshop. The first 30-minutes will be an introduction to ARCHeS and use-case walkthrough given by former SMDM President, Mark Roberts MD, MPP. The next 60-minutes will be an in-depth presentation of the capabilities of the ARCHeS population simulation tools for research given by Archimedes scientist, Roshan Shah. The next 90-minutes will be a hands-on workshop in which attendees will be divided into small groups and personally guided through the ARCHeS tools by an Archimedes team member. The last 30-minutes will be a wrap-up and Q&A. There will be two 15-minute breaks throughout the course. Note: Participants must bring their own personal computers to participate in the hands-on portion of this course.

Description and Objectives: The overall goal of this workshop is to provide participants with a practical introduction and hands-on walkthrough of our Archimedes Health Care Simulator (ARCHeS) Software-as-a-Service tool.

COMPLIMENTARY SOFTWARE TRIAL: Through the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, participants that register prior the course date will receive a complimentary five-week, full-access evaluation license of the ARCHeS tool suite. Registered participants will be set up with an ARCHeS trial license prior to the workshop date.

Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP and Rohan Shah, MS