Sunday, October 19, 2014: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Course Type: Half Day
Course Level: Beginner

Format Requirements: Learners will experience a mixture of lecture and discussion. We will introduce basic concepts and vocabulary of SEM, give real-world examples and conduct sample analyses using SEM software. No prior knowledge of SEM is required. Those with a basic understanding of statistics will benefit most from this course.

We present a basic overview of SEM principles, some common nomenclature, diagrams, a little algebra (with only a handful of Greek letters!), and some real world examples. Whether you just want to know how to read or critique an article that uses SEM, or want to engage a few SEM researchers in some feisty methods discussions, signup for this course...we'd love to visit with you. 

  • Gain knowledge of important SEM resources
  • Be introduced to SEM Software
  • Be able to interpret SEM analysis (by knowing SEM symbols, notation and modeling guidelines)
  • Understand advantages of SEM techniques for medical decision making researchers
Course Director:
Adam T. Perzynski, PhD
Course Faculty:
Douglas D. Gunzler, PhD and Joseph J. Sudano, PhD