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SMDM Asia-Pacific Conference 2014

Conference eBook

Now you can access the annual meeting program and abstracts in a convenient digital format – even when you don’t have Internet access. In most cases you will need to download the book to your Mac or PC first and then transfer it to your eReading device or app.

**All of the books available are non-DRM and free for your personal use. They are copyrighted by SMDM (© copyright 2013, Society for Medical Decision Making, All rights Reserved.) and cannot be sold or altered in any way except to make them available to you for reading. Choose the right format below for your particular device and software:

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Many eReaders offer the ability to highlight or annotate the eBook. We suggest that you use this feature to mark the sessions or individual presentations that you would like to attend. The contents of the book are arranged chronologically; so as you add highlights, the annotation panel of the reader will display an abbreviated listing of whatever you highlighted. The devices and software listed above differ in how much detail they display in the annotation panel. If you are using a Kindle – which displays quite a lot of detail – we suggest that you highlight the date, time, location, and title of anything interesting. In other readers – which may offer a very abbreviated annotation panel – you might just want to highlight the title or speaker’s name.

The eBook Table of Contents (provided in all versions) allows you to easily browse the sessions of the Annual Meeting. Hyperlinks facilitate navigation within the book without using the Table of Contents. Some devices or applications may not allow the use of hyperlinks. If you are unable to use the links, you may want to download the Stanza (EPUB) version which does not contain hyperlinks.

We hope that you enjoy this way of exploring the Annual Meeting.

If you encounter any technical difficulties using it, or if you have suggestions for improving it, please let us know by writing to smdm@confex.com**.


These products and information are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the information is with you.

The Society for Medical Decision Makingn (SMDM) and The Conference Exchange (CONFEX) assume no responsibility for any limitations to the functionality provided by these products or any medium containing the products due to circumstances beyond our control: including any future upgrades or changes to operating systems, browsers, applications or devices.

Reasonable attempts have been made to create eBooks that are usable on as many devices and applications as possible. However, since every device, operating system, and application can have multiple configurations and upgrades or changes, what we have provided may not fit your particular circumstance.

Copyright © 2013 Society for Medical Decision Making, All rights Reserved.