Tuesday, January 7, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Royal Pavilion Ballroom I-III (The Regent Hotel)

Session Chairs:
Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD and Anirban Basu, PhD
8:30 AM
Chorh Chuan Tan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Welcome to Singapore from Professor Chorh Chuan Tan, President-Designate, National University of Singapore

9:00 AM
Chih-Liang Yaung, PhD, Asia University, ., Taiwan
The keynote address features the Honorable Dr. Chih-Liang Yaung, who was Taiwan’s Minister of Health from 2009-2011. Dr. Yaung was also the Dean of the College of Public Health at National Taiwan University and is currently on faculty in the Department of Healthcare Administration at Asia University. Dr. Yaung held senior government and academic positions in which he led the development of Taiwan’s health insurance plan, delivered health services to large populations, and responded to health crises like SARS.  Drawing on his broad policy and academic experience, Dr. Yaung will highlight key challenges and opportunities in achieving important health goals for the Asia-Pacific region and comment on how past knowledge and experience might be used effectively to address them. He will explicitly address the important roles that SMDM’s core disciplines can play in this important endeavor.

9:30 AM
Philip Clarke, PhD, The University of Melbourne, Carlton Victoria, Australia
Keynote presentation from Philip Miles Clarke, University of Sydney